Monica's appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, a mic-dropping child, and the battle of two Divas

Christmas in the house as Antoine highlights "The Polar Express" on Amazon Prime, "The Night Before" and "Anna and the Apocalypse" on Hulu. Enjoy!

A candy conspiracy in Zack’s house, Hip Hop Spelling Bee and the #1 Birthday Scam of the entire year.

Foot jokes, Monica's secret TV career, and Who Knows Who reveals something very dorky about Antoine.

It's "Deep Voice Day" in the Backwards Backwards Game

Antoine makes a very petty confession, Zack wants to quit life, and Monica makes an appearance on Dr. Oz.

Zack is mad at boxes and Antoine is partying with a bunch of liars.  For one FREE answers, contact Suzanna today at 

Sing Your Last Text, Craigslist Price Is Right, and the top Birthday Scams of the Year continue with #4.

This week's Anger Diary ... I'm Taking a Break.  Get every Anger Diary on demand at 

We try to determine the top four Christmas movies of all time. (Fat chance!)

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