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July 23, 2019

Tue 07/23/19 FULL THANG

Monica's fraudulent jump rope, a raging fanny pack argument, and forever argument of men and women being "just friends."  Enjoy!

July 22, 2019

Mon 07/22/19 FULL THANG

The Thang wonders if animals have taken over the world and they are the only three surviving humans left (yes ... this actually happened). Also ... ways you splurge, a debate about a mooching brother, and Monica's constant unsolicited talk about her beach trip.  Enjoy!

Enjoy episode one of "The Stoop" ... hosted by Antoine Terrell. In this episode the team discusses Disney reboots and having the worst superhero power.

In today's game of "Fat Chance," Monica apparently thinks California is a city.  Erm...

Look back on a classic Anger Diary today with Zack's "Just One Dingus."  Also, get every Anger Diary on demand at


This week's top moments ... Zack gets cheated on, the Amazon Prime scam, and Monica's spiteful parenting tactics.

July 18, 2019

Thu 07/18/19 FULL THANG

Zack takes on the interns in a battle of generational knowledge, a brand new Birthday Scam, and the Top Moments of the Week.  Enjoy!

Today we feature an episode of Ghost Hunters where we learn Heidi's bad attitude leads to the downfall of everything.  Don't forget, you can always relive ALL of our relationship drama moments on our Life Is Messy podcast.  Available on iTunes now!

July 17, 2019

Wed 07/17/19 FULL THANG

Antoine makes a stunning confession about his behavior when he's in an elevator, a brand new Birthday Scam called "Basic Economy," and a caller who reveals a secret that will probably make his whole family angry.  Hump Day!

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