Sing Your Last Text, Craigslist Price Is Right, and the top Birthday Scams of the Year continue with #4.

This week's Anger Diary ... I'm Taking a Break.  Get every Anger Diary on demand at 

We try to determine the top four Christmas movies of all time. (Fat chance!)

The Week in Nerd News, the Mount Rushmore of Christmas Movies, abs Scam Week kicks off the top 5 Birthday Scams of the year.

We're calling this "The Hendrix Sandwich" since it's two things about Antoine and one piece of Monica's son Hendrix in the middle.  Enjoy!

November 27, 2020

Friday, November 11/27/20

Thanksgiving Leftover Thang Hacks, Hip Hop Spelling Bee, and Zack got DUMPED.

It's an all MUSICALS edition of the Binge Watch Weekend!

Brand new Thang back tomorrow ... in the meantime enjoy some "Chadsgiving" for your Turkey Day!

Zack confesses that he's judging you, "Greg the Movie," and one of our favorite Birthday Scams of the year. Enjoy!

Monica meets with Psychic Suzanna for the first time since MARCH! Get one FREE question answered now at

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