December 5, 2019

Thu 12/05/19

Shady motives in a brand new Ghost Hunters, Graigslist Price Is Right, and Monica is one bad Mamma Jamma.

Today in the Backwards Backwards Game Monica and Antoine try to say their own names.  Enjoy!

December 4, 2019


Birthday Scam Week continues, Miss Monica a thief? Also an update on the Mashed Potato Switcheroo!

ZAck is dreaming about shoes, Monica is buried in paperwork, and Antoine is killing plants.  Get one FREE question answered from Psychic Suzanna now at ... Enjoy!

December 3, 2019


She's dating her Mom's friend, Zack was drugged by Monica, and a buzzer beater in Hot Potato!

She accidentally received a racy text from her boyfriend's Dad.  Now she AND the Dad join us for the update.  Oh my!

This week we debate the ultimate four Christmas songs for Mount Rushmore.  A tough one for sure!

December 2, 2019

Mon 12/02/19 FULL THANG

Zack fails miserably at The Chair Challenge, Antoine's disastrous sports weekend, and a Dirty Little Secret Update ... she received a sext from her boyfriend's Dad, and now we get them BOTH on for an update.  Enjoy!

This week Antoine highlights "The Irishman," "Knives Out," and "The Servant."  Happy Binge Watching!

November 29, 2019

Fri 11/29/19 FULL SHOW

Monica's High School Football picks have a twist of epic consequences, Backwards Backwards Game, and some downright terrible Thang Hacks by pretty much everybody. Enjoy!

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