Sing Your Last Text, Craigslist Price is Right, and Zack and Monica are jealous of Antoine.

Today's brand new Anger Diary ... Don't Be Good at Anything.  Get every Anger Diary on demand at


Today in "Who Will Win?" we debate Spiderman vs. Thor ... who would make the worst roommate.  Find out who wins!

Antoine gives up his two best friends, a Shakespeare edition of the Backwards Backwards Game and amazing argument over who would make a worse roommate ... Spider-Man or Thor

We count down the top moments .. Binge arguments, Secret agent Antoine, and Zack's gym class trauma. Enjoy!

Evil Week on the Thang Hacks, a huge comeback in Celebrity Either Or and the Hip Hop Spelling Bee

This week Antoine showcases "Woke" on Hulu, "Becoming" on Disney+, and "Invisible Man" on HBO Max.  Enjoy!

September 17, 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Zack is peer pressured by Antoine and Monica, a "Taken" themed Birthday Scam, and silly skills you wish you had.

It's everything Monica hates today in the Backwards Backwards game

A brand new Birthday Scam, Zack's junior high school naked trauma, and Monica admits she lied to her song (and his school).

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