Zack got drunk and made an expensive impulse buy, a caller doesn’t like her engagement ring, and Antoine is too lazy to buy Gatorade.

This week's brand new Anger Diary, "I Have Homework."  Get every Anger Diary on demand at

A heated debate about lottery winnings, the Backwards Backwards Game, and Antoine’s odd love of pencils ..

February 24, 2020

Monday Mount Rushmore: TV Dads

We argue the Mount Rushmore of the Best TV Dads.  Does Walter White from "Breaking Bad" actually make the list???

Count down the Top Moments of the Week (plus a bonus) as we discuss our suspicions of Australia, Zack's pathetic accomplishments, and a total lack of support amongst show members.  Enjoy!

Antoine shares the worst Blow Your Mind Story ever, Zack is mad at chairs, and Monica’s Thang Hack only suggests a mild level of crime.

Today Antoine highlights the Impractical Jokers movie, the Netflix show "Locke and Key," and the Hulu documentary "Ask Dr. Ruth: Size Doesn't Matter."  Enjoy!

A Ghost Hunters with an awkward twist, A brand new Birthday Scam, and Zack is mocked for having to go to driver improvement class.

Today in the Backwards Backwards Game we explore the phrases "Milk and Bread ... AHHH!!!," "Little Lady Steak," and "Baked Potato." Enjoy!

Zack confesses to a pathetic accomplishment, Monica cries over a stripper, and a brand new Birthday Scam.

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